Hey guys, I have had recent sucess installing ideneb onto this PC i am posting on now, but with my laptop I've ran into a few probs.
Specs are: http://asia.cnet.com/reviews/noteboo...176064p,00.htm

I think I've isolated it down to the chipset. I know that the board (Well, i think i know) runs a PM965 Intel chipset. AFAIK, that means i have to tick the ICH fix patches on install? Cause if i don't, after install it hangs on boot. If i do, the following occurs:

I also selected the NVInject GO drivers and away I went. Vanilla kernel i used as well.

The problem is, it installs fine, reboots, loads up and then the screen goes all funky, almost as if someones kicked it, or like a powerpoint transition or something. Then it locks up and it's game over.

I've tried with all the different Nvidia patches to no avail. If i don't put in a chipset it just hangs, put in the ICH that happens, and i tried a Marvell patch for a laugh and it hung as well.

Any ideas? I'll post verbose if it helps. But on this install currently only selected the ICH patch, left GFX off.

Many thanks, sorry for the rant.