Hi guys,

Ive never had a mac or even used OS-X but im interested in giving it a try, I know quite a bit about computers and android/linux, but mac is new to me, anyways, here is basically what I have

Sony Vaio VPCEB
8gb ram
intel i7
500 gb hdd, i have a 50 gb partition for linux/ubuntu

if you need to know any other hardware specs please let me know, anyways my question is can i install mac os on my computer, i have searched around but everything is about building a hackint0sh, which i do not have the time or money to do. im sorry if this is in the wrong spot, i didn't want to clog up the installation forum because i am not in that phase and i know if my hardware wont support it its a lost cause, other than using a VM..

any help would be great, or a point in the right direction where to ask..