I'm hoping to get some advice from someone with a little more experience than I for the installation of iAtkos 5i on a Shuttle X27D Atom based PC.

The System:

Shuttle X27D

Processor: Intel ATOM 330 processor (Codename: Diamondville)

Chipset: Intel« 945GC+ICH7 Express Chipset

On-Board Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA950) with PCI-E x1 improved bandwidth, features 333MHz graphics core

Memory: Crucial 2GB DDR2 PC-6400 (1 x module)

HDD: Western Digital 250GB SATA

NIC: Realtek 8111C

Audio: Realtek« ALC 662 6-channel High-Definition Audio

The Installation Distro

iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel (tried Kalyway first but very prone to Kernel Panics)

Specific Installation choices;

iATKOS Main system
Kernel: PC_EFI V9
Remove PowerManagement

The Process:

This installation was a breeze and way more comfortable than the Kalyway I tried first. Created two partitions and use GUID rather than MBR.

Sound, network, applications all work "out of the box".

Very Cool!

The Problem:

Unfortunately the only sticking point has been the Graphics resolution. I see that the issue of the GMA950 has been discussed many times, both here and in other related sites. I have a standard 1024*768 resolution and there are no other available resolutions to choose from. I also have no detection of my Apple Cinema Display (20").

There are none of the mentioned artifacts on the screen and no tearing with cursor movement. I can edit the com.apple.Boot.plist file to increase the resolution a little but it still won't fill the whole screen.

Now, it may be that this is as good as it's going to get, but what confuses me is that the Kalyway installation provided many different resolutions and it worked perfectly with this screen (it just had no sound and Kernel Panic'ed about once an hour). Also, during the iAtkos installation it fills the entire screen with the correct resolution. It only seems to be after the final reboot that it reverts back to the fixed 1024*768.

Clearly in certain circumstanced this GMA950 can be configured correctly (as shown in the completed Kalyway installation and the primary stages of the iAtkos installer) but then something changes to limit the final resolution.

Does anyone recognise this behaviour or can anyone tell me how I might (a), get the GMA950 to pick up resolutions or (b), get system to recognise my display (and thereby give me more resolution options)?

I also have a Mac Mini, so am able to compare settings with another system that has resolution that works properly when combined with a GMA950 (as the Mac Mini does).

This is only my second attempt at getting this to work and most of my day is spent in a Windows environment, so some of what I have tried may seem foolish. Please bear with me, I am just beginning to get my head around what makes a Leopard growl :-)

I have tried the following;

[1]. Manually editing the com.apple.Boot.plist (some changes to resolution are effective).
[2]. Copying the bundle and kest contents for the GMA950 from the Kalyway installer and then re-registering using kext Helper.

[3]. Copying the same file set from the working Mac Mini and reinstalling with kext Helper.
[4]. Downloading and installing the GMA950 support package (referenced and linked elsewhere).

Those of you with more experience than I will know that at least two of the above resulted in the complete reinstallation of the iAtkos distro because the action simply broke the current installation.

As this seems the only remaining challenge I would really like to try and resolve it. Does anyone have any suggestions which might work please?