I have successfully installed Max OS X Retail onto an extra IDE hard drive I had lying around. The drive is only 80gigs so I decided to transfer everything to a 140gb SATA drive I had. I used CCCloner to clone the IDE drive.
Im having trouble booting into the SATA drive when AHCI mode is selected in bios. After taking forever to boot, a NO symbol appears over the Mac logo. I rebooted using the -x -v commands and the messages just read "Still waiting for boot device".
I switched the bios to combination Sata/Pata mode and the SATA drive booted just fine, but my separate SATA WIndows 7 won't boot. It just bootloops.
The IDE drives works under both of these circumstances.
Is there any way to make the Mac OS work with the Sata AHCI mode? Im sure windows wont ever work with the Combo mode, so I have to work with the OS X.
Im running it on a Dell Gen 4 XPS and using OS X 10.6.7

Thanks ahead of time.