Hello all!

We're looking to build a hackintosh for the office for the sole purpose of having a central computer we can access our files from that's easily accessible to everybody's Macs. We've tried USB HDDs plugged into an Airport Extreme and looked at various NAS solutions but we think this route is the most cost effective.

The number of hard drives we'd ideally need is 6-8 - we have an Antec case laying around from our PC-building days that will hold that many HDDs, we just need to acquire the appropriate internals which will work for a hackintosh setup.

I've had a look through the lists of what's compatible but I've been out of the PC loop so long I've no idea what specs would suffice for what we want; can anybody point us in the right direction? Cost isn't an issue but we'd rather not waste money on high-end components if it's unnecessary.

All I assume we need is a system capable of running OS X Snow Leopard at sufficient speed to keep up with computers across the network accessing it - not more than 1 or 2 at once but regularly moving several GB of files across the network.

Any help is appreciated