Hi Community,

I desperately need to use a Program which turned out to be Mac only. I was informed that it uses "quartz composer".

The first thing I tried was to install OSX 10.6.4 on a VMware machine and installing the demo of the program. But it does not even start.

The pros among you will probably know right away what's going on.... I am an total newcomer what macs concern... but I guess it's probably related to the fact that the VMware machine does not have access to the Hardware (gfx)

My question: Is there ANY way to get a program that requires "quartz composer" and probably makes heavy use of the graphics card on an "non mac"

if the answer to the above question is yes... is there an relatively "easy way" to do this. for example VMware or complete HD image which can be cloned directly to disc?
I would prefer to do this the proper way, but I am very short on time for this and from my previous experience things like this could easilit take up to a week when done proper for the first time.

I somehow doubt that I will get a positive answer... but I still hope ; )

Thanks for reading