Hey all ^_^

I'm planning on building a Hackintosh this summer.
My prospective build can be found here: Intel Core i5-2500K, EVGA GeForce GTX 670, Cooler Master Storm Enforcer - Build1.0 - kurtweinstein's Saved Part List - PCPartPicker
Except I plan to use a GTX 770 instead of a GTX 670 (I know it's not out yet, that's part of the reason I'm building it this summer).

I have a spare copy of OSX Snow Leopard sitting around so I figure I can use that and then upgrade it to OSX Mountain Lion for $20 once it's installed.

Should there be any problems with the hardware/software with this build/OS? I made sure that the MOBO was compatible with Kakewalk, I'm not sure what else is required.