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    Question problems after

    Leopard is on my computer and works (mostly). Here’s what is going wrong, and perhaps someone can help me.

    1. Screen savers will not come on.
    2. After 15-20 minutes or so of not moving the mouse, it disappears and will not reappear until I reboot the computer. This is definately an issue for me as I like to leave things running while I cook.
    3. I can not boot up the computer without having the iAtkos disc in my disc drive. If I try, I get the black screen wih a white underscore ( _ ) blinking cursor. No amount of key pressing gets this to dissappear, thus I have to put disc back in and reboot again.
    4. When I try to reinstall windows…I can use every button on my keyboard to go through the install except F8 to accept the EULA (pretty sure this is from OSX install, but not positive)
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    Lightbulb trying to help, mostly.

    1. i don't think there's a problem with the screen saver, i think there's just not enough time for it to load before:

    2. (and hopefully the answer to 1) leopard goes to sleep without waking up is old news unless you fix that with the proper kext(i think, there is a way to fix it but i'm not sure whether it's the power management kext or a plist patching, damn memory doesn't serve me all that well these days ).

    solution suggested: though it's not really fixing anything and it's not really energy efficient you can go to "system preferences" from there to "energy saver" slide the first slider all the way to the right making the computer never sleep again. and set the second slider to however you'd like it - making the display sleep. oh, and don't forget to uncheck the little box under the second slider.

    3. if you can't boot your osx without a disk it means that your partition isn't selected as active.

    solution suggested:
    boot osx disk with -s wait till everything finishes loading and then type the following:

    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    flag 1

    really important if your osx install isn't on your first disk and isn't on the first partition change the numbers on the commands above. e.g. first disk - "rdisk0" / second disk "rdisk1" / first partition - "flag 1" / second partition - "flag 2".

    4. replace a keyboard. osx has nothing to do with it.



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