Hi guys. I did search but all the information is a little overwhelming and either out of date or not specific to my project. I've been running a small pro tools studio for several years now on pc, and it is so unstable it's ridiculous. I need to upgrade to something more powerful and something that can handle Mac os and pro tools with as little glitches as possible. The cheaper the better, although I'm willing to pay what it takes to make a very capable machine I don't need all the bells and whistles as I won't be using this computer for anything but recording and if possible would like to reuse some components of my old rig (case, maybe power supply, etc.). I am mainly a multi track recorder with loads of rtas and vst plugins and a small amount of synth so I'll need something powerful possibly an i7 quad core chip with as much memory as reasonably possible. I'm gonna have help putting this together and loading the os from my brother who is an it and usually has a good grip on things like this, but I need help determining the components in my build. If anyone has some suggestions for me it would help me out so much. Thanks!