I want to build a powerful Hackintosh desktop for video editing as opposed to getting a Mac Pro for almost $6k

I've built quite a few Windows gaming systems in the past so I'm very familiar with putting things together and getting things running but I know nothing about what combination of OSX compatible hardware to get. I've also been out of the loop for about 4 years so I'm not familiar with the most recent processors, mobo's and GPU's.

Basic minimum configuration I'm looking at if possible is:

Motherboard that will support two 2.66Ghz (minimum) Xeon Quads on the mobo and up to 16GB of RAM.
Two 2.66Ghz min Xeon Quads
12GB RAM minimum but prefer 16GB
Single or dual video cards for dual monitor support with 1GB minimum and
Support for the Kona 3 PCI video capture card down the road.
2 1TB drives
Sound Card

All for less than $2500 ??? ???