Well I just found out today that I am going to need a mac to work on a project that I am doing. Well being as I don't want to go out and spend 1000+ I though hackintosh. Well the question I have is there any way I could use my current system to build a mac or will I have to go out and get all new parts.

Processor: AMD Athlon II 635 @ 3.5ghz
Motherboard: BIOstar a770e
Ram: 2x2gb OCZ sli + 1x2 Corsair Dominator DDR2-800
Video Card: Saphire 5770
Hard drive: OCZ Vertex 2 60gb SSD and 250gb 7200 rpm

I think that would be about the only parts that would affect anything in regards to this install. I would really just like to put another hard drive into this current machine and be able to boot to OSx when I needed it.

If it is at least possible I really appreciate any help that you could give me. Thanks for your time in advance.