I bought an NC10 (model NP-NC10-KA02US) in Blue from Amazon on a trip to the US last April for $295. I bought it because the laptop work gave me is a brick and all I need is a web browser to access my work email and the Office viewers for reading documents and giving presentations on the go.

Given all netbooks pretty much are designed to the same standard I opted for the NC10 purely because of it's battery life (8 hours claimed) and found I was able to run for an entire "working day" without the charger which made it perfect for all the trips between Europe and the US as well as day trips to the UK.

I had great intentions of putting Mac OS X on it last summer, but never got around to it since I was only using Firefox under XP and averaging 7 hours of battery life with all wireless on (including watching movies on transatlantic trips).

I decided to convert the NC10 to a Hackintosh last November, ordered an Airport Extreme card for it and used the Retail EFI method to install Leopard on it (I already had an iMac at home so had the original Leopard install DVD). Aside from applying the Darwin bootloader to the hard drive, applying the About this Mac package and the NC10 specific version of the Audieee it was straightforward and everything was up and running in a couple of hours and I even have Time Machine backing it up to my Time Capsule.

I'd highly recommend the NC10 if you aren't planning any processor intensive tasks (e.g. Photoshop). It's a great little device, battery life is superb and it runs OS X brilliantly.

Samsung NC10 (blue), 2Gb RAM, stock 160GB HD, Airport Extreme, Mac OS X 10.5.6