Hello fellow OSX86 users! I am in need of your help! I am contemplating to purchase a new laptop in the near future to run OSX, but I need to be sure that I purchase something

that fits my needs and wants.

I have spent many hours already research and looking online for the best osx86 compatible laptop (excluding apple of course), and seem to find that some work and some don't.

Some need patching for hardware, etc. I'd like to find one that is a "vanilla" based, where very little patching is required, if that is possible.

Anyhow, one of my dilemmas is the software I run. I do alot of 3d modeling, and use opengl with Autodesk Maya and simular products, therefore 3d acceleration is a must to have!

Along with true OpenGL support.

In short, this is the specs I am looking for:

1. 15.4 inch laptop (widescreen if possible)
2. Intel Core 2 Duo with a couple megs of cache (3- 4 mb)
3. nVidia graphics with OpenGL 2.0 or higher support - pci express if possible too. Oh, shared video memory doesn't matter to be, but dedicated memory would be better.
4. 2 GB (expandable to 4 GB)
5. 200 to 250+ hard drive Serial ATA.
6. Working Wireless & Ethernet
7. USB 2.0 & firewire support.
8. ExpressCard support for modern cards.
9. Resolution 1280x800 to 1680x1050 resolution. As long as it's widescreen, i'm fine.
10. I'd like to have good power management, and working audio as well.

Well, I hope I am not asking too much! Based on my reading of the forums, it is not easy to find anything along these lines (except buying a macbook pro) which I can't afford

right now...

Feel free to send me your recommendations, I will gladly welcome them!