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Discuss Noob questions.... at the Hardware -; I'll try to keep this brief, no one likes my long winded posts except for ...
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    Post Noob questions....

    I'll try to keep this brief, no one likes my long winded posts except for me:p

    To start off with, I am posting from my rather new PC notebook which is lovely in every respect other than the fact that it cant run Logic Pro 8 (I have to admit that playing with leopard today on a friend's laptop made me incredibly giddy and happy). I've been looking through possibilities throughout the last several days of selling this notebook and buying a macbook (pro?), but it's a very very stressful process that I'd like to avoid if at all possible.

    This... looks a bit too good to be true, so I thought I'd ask some questions. If there's an FAQ I should be reading that I haven't found, please direct me to it, and sorry if I should have posted this in a different forum.

    How dependent is this on hardware and hardware tweaks?? Would it be possible to run OSX on my notebook as it stands?

    How do specs transfer in performance? If my notebook has a 2.2G processor and 4GB ram, can I expect it to run at the same level as a macbook with the same specs?

    Are there any... audio issues I should know about if I'm trying to run Logic 8 on it?

    What effect would this have with compatibility with hardware, in the sense that it connects to a PC that... is apple on the inside.

    I know my way around computers well enough, but when it comes to this sort of thing, I'm oblivious pretty much. Is this something even worth attempting, or will it be much more headache and time that it might be worth?

    I cant think of anything else I needed to ask...

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    Hmmm... yeah I just feel so silly about having a new PC notebook that I can't return. I'm also juggling between the idea of macbook vs macbook pro, and there's quite a difference in price.

    I'm about to test one of my logic project on a G4 mac powerbook, or a G4 something that is quite old, to see how smoothly it runs. How much of a drop in performance would I be looking at?

    I thought it might be worth it to give it a try, especially because if I buy a macbook pro or a macbook, I will end up wanting to replace the RAM since I refuse to pay 400$ extra for apple ram, and that will void the warranty. I already have this notebook, so I wanted to give it a chance before reselling it for less than I bought it for and taking the cash loss.

    Are there any other side effects that I should know about? I'd really like to avoid dropping my cash on a new mac and agonizing over whether to get a low end macbook with the intent of replacing it sooner or a MBP that I feel required to use for as long as possible.


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    I did my best, I couldnt find everything out. How does this look?

    OSX Version:

    Builder: ADK

    Desktop/Laptop: Laptop

    Prebuilt: Custom parts ordered, but I didn’t build it myself

    If prebuilt add the infos, otherwise fill Mainboard area)
    Manufacturer: ADK
    Model: Q1 SR

    (In this section, which you do not know how to write "unknown")
    Mainboard Area
    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
    Model: Santa Rosa CRB
    Chipset: Intel GM956
    BIOS version: Q3B51
    Revision: Q3B51
    BIOS options: Not sure, I would assume default
    Onboard Audio Chipset: Not sure how to find out
    Onboard Audio Patches:
    Work Line In, Line Out, Mic: Not sure how to find out
    Onboard Network Card/Chipset: Not sure how to find out
    Onboard Network Patches:
    Onboard Network Works:
    SATA Devices:
    IDE Devices:

    Processor Area
    Manufacturer / Processor Model: Intel Core 2 duo T7500
    Velocity: 2.20GHz
    Recognized in System Profiler as: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.29GHz (2 CPUs)
    Need Patched AppleSMBIOS.kext: (yes/no)

    Video Card Area
    Device connection: PCI
    NVIDIA/ATI/Intel/Other? NVIDIA
    Model (chipset): GeForce 8400M GS
    RAM Memory: 256MB
    Manufacturer / ID: NVidia
    QE/CI (Quartz Express/Core Image): Not sure how to find out
    QLG (Quartz GL): Not sure how to find out
    Mirror: Not sure how to find out
    Dual Screen: Not sure how to find out
    All resolution avaiable: Not sure how to find out

    Audio Card Area – Wasn’t able to find anything out. Pretty sure it’s onboard
    Interface: PCI/PCI-e/USB/Firewire/Other?
    Audio Chipset:
    Audio Patches: (What patches used)
    Work Line In, Line Out, Mic:

    Network Card Area (it's only for Wired/Wireless miniPCI/PCI/PCI-e - on-board network cards then described in the session on motherboard)
    Interface: PCI
    Standard (Wireless): 802.11 b/g
    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
    Model/chipset: 3945ABG
    Works without patches: (yes/no, if yes list patches used in next field)
    Network Patches:

    Other Devices (USB/FIREWIRE)
    Type: (Webcam, External Sound Card, USB bluetooth dongle, etc.)
    Product ID:
    Vendor ID:
    Works: (Yes/No)

    I have a mouse and a webcam, but… later.



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