Hi guys and girls
My first post here so if my questions seem very basic and have been answered before the please feel free to point me in the right direction.
Im about to put together a new system consisting of an i7 2600k, MSI P67A GD53 m/b, 2x Nvidia GTX460 GPUs and 16Gb ram. Now Im not asking if the setup will run hackintosh (as Im fairly sure it would), more a question of why?
I do play games and so I would be installing Win7, but I also like to dabble in 3D art using 3DS Max. Im aware that the Mac was originally designed for graphic work, music etc and am wondering what advantages I would gain from running 3DS Max under OSx? For instance, I have a fair idea of what performance to expect under Win7 for a pc of this power (regardless of software run), so how does a hackintosh compare speedwise on such a set up?
What Im looking for is a reason to try it out. Ive tried Linux and do go back to it now and then though I consider myself a comple amature with it. But I have never tried OSx apart from a very limited amount of time spent on a mac at uni in the early 90s. So can I have some contructive ideas on what to expect and the advantages I might expect please? (sorry this has been long winded )