i am not sure if i ask this question here is correct or not,
please excuse me if i am not.

i follow the Creating a Hackintosh OSx86 by Peter Baldwin to try to build a hackintosh with my existing PC configuration.

i have a Intel 915GAV motherboard with Envy24PT/HT PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller (chip number VT1723); Device ID is 1412 and a display of Radeon HD4350

i also search from the osx86project wiki to found out that this motherboard was fully support in HCL 10.5.2

since i have additional sound card and display, can you tell me was i able to still run 10.5.2 with this configuration (the reason i want to use this additional hardware is for my existing win7 configuration)

my second question is, can i install any 10.6 operating system?

thanks in advance if anyone can answer me this.