I'm currently the owner of a 15 inches 2009 Macbook Pro and I was thinking about purchasing a 15 inches Macbook Pro Retina in the next months. That's when I realized that I wasn't using the "portable" aspect of my computer anymore. It's on a stand on my office desk, hooked to a second monitor and I never get it out of the office. So why not go back to a good old desktop!

I thought about iMacs, I owned 2 of them in the past and they all had heating problems as my current Macbook Pro as. They just heat up until they're forced to reboot, even with the fans at max. Then I thought about waiting to get the next Mac Pro, price-wise I'm not ready to shell even more money (I'd need a few tweaks on the original build and I guess it would cost something like 3000-4000...)

That's when I remembered that I had a Hackintosh in the past, it wasn't the greatest but it was working well enough. So now I'd want a new hackintosh, with good hardware and two monitors hooked to it.


- Any changes hardware-wise for installing Mavericks on a Hackintosh?
- Is it possible to run OS X without ANY problems at all / to have a 100% legit experience? (My hackintosh crashed a lot back in the days)
- Any problem with using two monitors on a Hackintosh?
- What kind of motherboard/video card should I look for? Anything else specific? (I guess every Intel i3-i5-i7 will do for the CPU right?)

I used to swap harddrives from any Mac machine and it usually worked pretty well. Do you think it would be possible to simply grab my Macbook Pro hard drive (it's a brand new ssd) and put it in my new Hackintosh?

I built a first wishlist draft on Newegg based on buyer's guide, anybody could tell me if this looks right?


Also, feel free to suggest anything.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!