I've built a number of systems in the past. Mostly Stuff in the 90's and 00's. I got my first Mac G4 Today which uses 867Mhz Power PC and Mac OS X (10.4 Tiger). I love the Macintosh Operating system and recently bought a DVD from Amazon.com called Snow Leopard for only 24.99. I'm still dreaming of a Power Mac I can afford and think Hacint0sh is the way to go. If only there were a guide to making an octo(8) core Hacint0sh using Dual Quad Xeons or anything similar.

Is there a compatible 8 core or 16 threads for hacint0sh? moboard?

I'm looking to register and buy ES (educational software) Maya 2010 and Mudbox (so I'll use VirtualBox?) Do I need to overclock for this to work well?

What is the process of getting this to work? With maybe a mid high end graphics card like ATI HD 5970. Would like dual monitor support , but that's optional since I am on a tight dollar spending range.

I m a Looking to do quick full detailed renders within minutes or seconds using either Furry ball Realtime renderer and perhaps waiting for GPU path tracing free renderers to become available or incredibly cheap.

I like my renders to show up fast, but I can wait for prices to become about a thousand dollars for the desktop. Would love to hear a success story or guide on this kind of thing. Some time before next year. Can someone point me to the right posted content?