the problem im having is

I have a Dell precision 470 with
Intel pro 1000 MT network card (8254 chipset)
1x xeon 3.2 processor
2gb ram
nvidia quadro fx 1400 (dual dvi)

I have tried LEO4all v2 and the network seems to work with basic install. (but graphics card fan is crazy fast + no audio, also had to use a 8gb hdd as it had cillinder problem.)
i have tried Leo4all v3 and gfx and network + audio dont have any good action

i have also tried kalyway dvd 10.5.2 and the Graphics +audio work great when i choose nvidia 128 on install, but the network card is showing but sais "cable unplugged"

what im looking to do is combine the kext for the network from leo4all v2 with a kalyway install.

or if there is an easier way id appreciate any help