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Discuss netgear WG311T installation at the Hardware -; My setup is as follows 10.4.6 it was zipped to be 3.85gigs but it extracts ...
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    Default netgear WG311T installation

    My setup is as follows
    10.4.6 it was zipped to be 3.85gigs but it extracts to 4.35gigs approx. It seem to be semjazaa. because of the install options I found.
    p4 2.8c
    p4c800 deluxe
    1 gig twin 512 Corsair 433 mhz
    Seagate sata hd w/3part
    gforce 6800
    netgear WG311T (not working yet)
    haven't tried onboard nic but I imagine I have to patch that too, I haven't tried audio either, not priorities right now. My priority is wifi with netgear WG311T.

    I've searched different forums on the patching or using of this particular card, but I am yet to find a clear and complete way to make this card work.

    It has the patch that came in my install disc but I doesn't see the card. When in the install, I use the network utility, I can see the card but I can't change anything and after install of the OS is successful I can't see the card.
    It seems to be in the eno 0 position.

    I don't know the chip number itself but I can find out on my winXP partition in which the wifi works like a charm.

    I'm a noob to the whole kext and terminal procedures but I follow instructions if they are clear. I've had success before when I could get a wired nic card to work, but this is a new install, so I want to go wifi from scratch, later, after I get wifi working, I will work with my video card resolutions and whatnot.

    any help and info will be greatly appreciated. If a clear set of instructions has been posted somewhere please point me in the right direction, I don't want to cause any excess work.

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    found this on another forum
    I'm pretty sure all you need to do is edit the info.plist in the kext mentioned below adding you vendor and dev id then repair permissions delete the 2 extention caches and reboot


    I got a Netgear WG311V3 PCI working by adding this highlighted line to the AppleAirPOrtBrcm4311.kext located in the IO80211Family.kext




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