Just installed the Kelyway 10.5.2 distro onto an HP Pavilion DV6700 with no problems - quite impressed with it.

However - I am having a couple of issues I need help with:

1. USB Ports - I installed the USB Files from this page: USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7 - InsanelyMac Forum

Used the USB Prober file to check the status of the ports - it shows them all correctly - and even lists devices I have attached to them (such as my iPhone)

HOWEVER - if I have an external USB drive plugged in - it doesn't show on the Desktop - and iTunes fails to recognise that there is an iPhone plugged in (although iPhoto does recognise and even brings up the contents of the camera folder)

The iPhone is also pulling a charge down from the USB port - so it looks to be powered properly.

Vista Device Manager lists the USB ports as "Intel ICH8 Family USB"

2. Keyboard - managed to get the UK layout working using the "British Windows 3" file - however I cannot seem to find which key is mapped to the "Option" key in OSX - the Windows key doesn't work.

Any help with either of these issues - I'd really like to get the USB Devices to be recognised properly