Hello knowledgable people of this forum.

I have recently learnt about hackintosh in the past week and very interested to get it on my system. I would very much prefer the latest Mountain Lion OS and would like to double-check if my hardware is compatible for it.

I am sure my GTX590 will be compatible, 1 GPU anyway, but that would probably be enough for work, which is what i intend to use the OS X mainly for. I will have a separate HDD for windows OS so i can dual boot, for games etc.

What i'm not sure of are these 2 hardware (Motherboard + 3rd Party Soundcard)

Motherboard = Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3
Sound Card = Auzen x plosion 7.1 cinema

Can anyone advise if these 2 are compatible with the latest OS (Mountain Lion) ?