I love my mini pal and it has been great. Except That I recently moved, ttok apart my network and now set everything back up and my minipal won't show up on my desktop like it did before on my mac. I have an intel mac mini 1.5 ghz and os x 1.04.11 . I tried disc utility and it won't verify,mount,repair ect...it keeps showing the same error message. I also tried unplugging everything, waiting ect..also tried reseting the pram and still no dice, the drive is shown in disc utility yet is unrepairable and the blue light on the device is solid, can hear the drive moving, just can't access it, anyt thought? help would be great. i set up my pal with all my media content and i'm pretty much lsot w/o it right now....You guys rock, many thank in advance.
please help. thank you