Integrated Marvell Yukon drivers do not work - please help!!!!

hey guys,

i would not post such a topic if i wasnt this desperate concerning the network card problem.
under tiger it was easy to make the network card working, but with leopard i desperate.

i have searched all the net and i have found a few solutions to the problem, but it didnt work yet.
the system preferences does not recognize my network card at all.

i read in several forums that leopard needs the secondary id, so i got a number called SUBSYS, wrote it down and googled a lot.
i have found this site with all the existing marvell yukon network cards including the SUBSYS strings.

my SUBSYS number is 0753152D ....

now i still have the big problem, what exactly to do, to make my network card run under leopard.
in the kalyway 10.5.2 image i got my hands on, there are two kinds of marvell drivers included .... i dont remember exactly the names, but the one was called something with "marvell" and the second one began with skge_marvell or something like this.
well it was very confusing, so in installed both packages ....

please help me, i just wanna have this card running.
then i would be the happiest hackintosh user in my city!! ;-)

thanks for every piece of help!!!!