Hey everyone,

I have a question for those in the know about the Mac Pro.

Basically, im eyeing to buy a Mac Pro to replace my SR MBP (portability is nice, but i need the power more) and I know many of apples prices have a huge premium on them (ie, ram)

i'm curious as to the processors on the mac pro. are the soldered in like the MBP? and is the same logic board used whether i get the two 2.8 quad cores or one 2.8 quad core.

im thinking that if the architecture is the same, i save the $500 from apple and get only one core, and then I buy say TWO 3.0 or 3.2 ghz quadcores from an intel retailer. would this work? im looking at the prices of the processors and it seems to be quite the same deal as apple's markup on ram. i just dont know if the processors are able to replaced.

anybody have any insight?

thanks and cheers