I am wanting to install a Mac OS on my PC.. I am unsure of compatibility issues that I may encounter, and need advice to make the best installation decisions. I am computer saavy, and far from a noob to things of this nature. Im just unfamiliar with this particular operation. My setup is as follows
Base Processor: PentiumD 930 (P) DC 3.0 GHz
Chipset: 945P
Motherboard: Asus P5LP-LE, HP Emery UL8E
Memory: 3 GB DDR2
Hard Drive: 750 GB Seagate
Disk Drives: Lightscribe and DVD ROM, both PATA
Audio: Realtek ALC 882 chipset
LAN: Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface

I basically have a HP M7480N Home Theater PC with a GB RAM upgrade and a hard drive upgrade.
I need to know what version of Mac OS I an most compatible with, and any suggestions on installation methods specific to my hardware. Thank you.