Building a hackintosh for the GF. Budget is around $1000.

What we need:

ATX Case (we'll find one ourselves, let's say for around 100)
Motherboard (a Mac compatible mobo - the key item probably in this build)
CPU (Also Mac compatible - midrange, around ~150)
GPU (A midrange GPU, something around ~100-125 for doing some art work and one with at least 2 digital outputs, 3 would be nice)
SSD: A small SSD for running the OS (enough space for Mac and W8 might be nice for the future)
HDD: 1TB drive (maybe larger if we run low on budget)
PSU: Hate skimping on this part - a HQ PSU with extra capacity - modular please.
Monitor: Got one

Your help with starting the hunt for parts would be great! Again, this is a single boot hackintosh [Mountain Lion] (for now) that will be used for browsing, photoshop, maybe some minecraft, and other light use.