Dear friends,

I have tried to install hackintosh on Samsung X10 Plus notebook (Pentium with SSE2).
I tried six distributives:

Leo4allv3 final
JaS OsX86 10.5.2 Intel SSE2 SSE3

(whether there is something the best for SSE2?)

The best results are reached with Leo4all and Kalyway. Both are installed, but are not started normally.

Leo4all plays music, but on the screen - something similar Nokia Monitor Test: all screen by turns is filled in with different colors (red, blue, black...). What can it be? Something with videodrivers? Videodriver, I so have understood, it is necessary to choose only any one? I have chosen GO driver (I have Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 64Мб). And as far as I have understood - kernels, sound, LAN drivers possible to specify at once a little?

Loading of Kalyway stops on the message:
"using 3932 buffer headers and 3932 cluster IO buffer headers".
In what can be a problem?

Many thanks for the help!