Hello all.

I am attempting to get leopard on my pc.

I am using ideneb 1.1 10.5.4.

Installation goes very smoothly and with no fuss the operating system loads.

I have ethernet,video and all seems to be working as far as I can see -- except-

I have no sound. Since I am a computer musician who wants to try out some mac software its a bit of a pain!

Also when the mac goes to sleep it hangs?

When I look in the system utilites for my ( very basic) PCI audio card it says there are no pci cards in the computer??

When I run osx tools it finds a pci card with the appropriate manufacturer, but I cannot find it in any other panels i.e it doesn't show in "sound"properties.

MY hardware is:

Asus p5bv mobo
Intel core 2 duo e4300
2gb Ram
80 gb ide hdd
ensoniq pci audio card ( this is old but works fine in xp?)

Thanks Very Much for any help