Hi, I'm trying to install Leopard or Tiger in a AMD Pc, I've tried Leo4all v2 and leo4all v3 but i fail, the problem is that when I'm on the disk utility application i don't see any disk, it's all blank, and i did all the steps before trying like making a partition, select as primary and active. Maybe is my hardware that is not compatible with OS X.

These is my hardware:

Mother Board: Abit AN52 chipset Nvidia nforce 520

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+, Brisbane, socket am2 (940), Core speed 2.3 Ghz

RAM: 2 gb DDR2 800mhz

Hard Drive: generic Sata2 250 gb

dvd : i think it's an IDE, on properties says this:


Can I install leopard or tiger with this hardware? or i should give up and save cash for a mac?

(sorry for my english I speak spanish, i'm from Chile)