im kind of new at this whole hackintosh thing, and ive been doing a lot, LOT of research. My broke ass isnt going to pay that much for a mac (even though if i had the money i would.) So, i turn to you. I have a a tower, and i have booted into iatkos v7. No Problems booting and all, and everything else is fine. I know my specs but i dont know what to choose in the customization menu.
These Are My Specs:
intel n82802ab8 chipset
intel fw82801db motherboard
intel pentium 4 proccessor
ati rage theater 213rt1zua43 graphics card
1 gb of ram
and i have a 60gb hard drive.
if someone could tell me what to choose, i would be very happy in installing my hackintosh software. i have successfully installed the os, so no problems there it just waits for the root device because i didnt know what to choose in the customization process. Please help me, i know you hackintosh guys are nice.
- Muddypuddlerules
p.s i have tried iatkos 5i, kalyway 10.5.2 legit snow leopard, and im about to try ipc and still choose the wrong custimazition options.