Hi people,

First thing I would like to say a great forum which has really helped me along the path of getting hackintosh to work.

I just wanted to share something about my success on a HP DV5 laptop with
iPotable Snow distro.

Got it to work first time without any modifications to existing hard drive. I used an external usb hard drive 40GB.

The only problem I have is wireless and sound, but kexts out there to fix this from the research I have done. LAN works fine on default install.

It works very quick and smooth except for one slight issue which is my cpu fan on the laptop does not seem to switch off and it does get rather hot.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be used to control fan speed or cool the unit down other than putting ice cubes on it ?

Also what is the best way to install kexts, OSX86tools maybe?