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Discuss Help me build a Hackintosh with EFi-X 1.1! at the Hardware -; Hey guys, My brother is getting into filming(I am his cheif editor. Will probablly be ...
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    Default Help me build a Hackintosh

    Hey guys, My brother is getting into filming(I am his cheif editor. Will probablly be working with final cut pro. That why I'm going with Mac) and I want to start programming for the iPhone. I am a PC person, and I don't want to overspend for overpriced prebuilt apple computers. I build my own computers.

    I need to be able to use final cut pro, so I need a decent graphics card. To make the whole computer less glitchy, I will be buying the EFi-X 1.1. However, I do not know where online to buy it.

    So far, I am leaning towards a GTX 460 and an intel i5-760. I will be buying a SAMSUNG 1TB Hdd for OS X, and If I really have to, Ill buy another for windows (The problem isn't the Hard drive, its that I don't want to pay for another Windows licence). The PSU I'm getting is the Antec NEO ECO 620C. I am guessing that the RAM and DVD drive don't matter, so I am getting This Memory and this This DVD Drive. As for the case, I want something that looks at least a little like a mac. Of there are any G5 case replicas, that would be great. I am confsed on the motherboard compatibility, so I'll need some help on that. Does anyone have any experiance with the EFiX?


    EDIT: Where can I buy snow leopard? Online, I only see upgrades from leopard.
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    No, the upgrade disc for Snow Leopard is a full install disc... from Apple's online store for about $30...
    You should probably get a more recent processor, such as the Sandy Bridge i5-2500k. In case of motherboard, I don't think you'll have a lot of problems, most should work you just have to make sure that you get a motherboard that's compatible with your processor. For the i5-760 [the one in your spec setup] you need LGA 1156, with an i5 Sandy Bridge an LGA 1155, etc., but I'm sure you know that considering you have probably done this before. Good luck!



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