under Tiger I used Titan to work with my tv-out, no problems. Though admittedly I did not document the steps I took at the time, I have been using it for some years now as my media centre pc. Wanting to take advantage of Frontrow on Leopard I have gone with iAtkos... Without any of Titan, natit, or nvinject I get my tv-out but no qe/ci. Connected to vga or dvi i get qe/ci with titan, natit or nvinject I get qe/ci.

However as soon as I boot with titan or nvinject or whatever via the tv-out i get the nice grey apple, then it flickers for a second and goes to a black screen. What is odd about this is that if I try to remote in at this point it won't let me get a display, though I can of course ssh, no probs.

It's an agp 128mb card that shows up as PCI in system profiler. could this be a cause? i have tried agpgart with no change to pci status.

it *seems* like it tries to auto-detect the display and shits itself.

any help in this matter would be appreciated. thank you! until then, no qe/ci/frontrow for me and I can't get vlc to work without qe now either. grrrr.