i have my own mac and my parents I passed along my ex's Dell Studio 1535 which is in very good condition. I have upgraded it to Windows 7 but I am really sick of dealing with the very complicated and frustrating windows system whenever they have a problem, so I was hoping that I can convert this system to Mac. I am sure I can find a how to somewhere but I would like to find out any issues I might have with this laptop system.

Brand/Model: Dell Studio 1535

Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 (dont know whats that) 2.10 ghz

As for onboard peripherals it has a SD card reader.
4 USB ports
1 Fingerprint scanner which we dont use now anyways.
DVD Drive dont know what it is but I can check.

First question is can anyone see any basic issues with me installing Mac OS on this?
Next is what about all the peripherals listed, would I have issues getting drivers for them?