Hey guys i need HELP! i have downloaded the osxSNOW Universal 10.6.5, burned it to a disk.

then i wanted to configure my bios settings.

Then the wierd thing happend, it said my sata controller was onboard, and under it it said configure as : IDE, so i wanted to change it to ACHI, but the letters were grey, and i couldnt change it, lets say it looked like this:

OnboardSata controller: Random
Configure sata as : IDE
Onboard USB controller

Then my bios just jumpes from "Onboardsata controller to onboard usb controller, it doesnt even let me confige sata! what should i do! i flashed my bios to the newest version and i tried the regestry trick, but when i boot into the cd it just freezes at:
Appledecrypt: starting...