Hello all!!!

I have been thinking about putting OSX on a home built computer for a while now.
BUT FOR SOME REASON i decided to get serious today.

I have been a PC man for almost my entire life untill about 9 months ago when I bought a macbook, and I love it!

the only problem is that I have always built my personal pc's and I usually use AMD products. I like them.


I have done some research and gleaned that intel products along with gigabyte mobo tend to work the best.

So i am willing to suspend my prejudices and work with intel if it will be more simplistic.

So my real question is what products work the best, without many glitches? I am looking to put a quad or a hex core into my machine.
And a decent mobo but i def don't need 98273894 gigs or ram and DONT need 4 pci slots.

I have built many winows based machines including servers. but this MAC stuff is new to me. BUT i like it and find value in it so...


again thanks guys!