Hello, first of all, HI TO ALL, this is my first post.

Here's my specs:

Running Snow 10.6.2 + test7 kernel on:

(specs: http://www.deusxmachina.org/manual.pdf )
Audio Chipset: VT1708B High Definition Audio 8-channel CODEC (dead, no hope)
AMD Athlon x2 Black Edition 7750 2.7GHz AM2+ 3MB Cache
Palit nVidia GTS 250 512MB DDR3 (works with GFX UTIL)
2x2GB GeIL Ultra DDR2 800MHz
Seagate 80GB

Apparently my audio chipset is very exotic for the macos stage, I couldn;t make it work at all. So, that's what I made in the last 2-3 days:

I tried
VoodooHDA, different versions and architectures.
AppleHDA(HDAPatcher doesn't work with my chipset)

in different combinations, by adding my own hex code(made from linux codec dump(link here)) in plist and so on. Right now I am really confused.

Nothing works, somewhere I may have mistaken or the methods and kexts I tried really aren't working with my sound card, I also tried all the above listed kexts in different BIOS configurations (External Codec Only, External+Internal[VoodooHDA panics like that], Front Panel AC97, Front Panel HDA[voodoohda actually sees somethings there, device 0 no pcm channels found])

Either I get kernel panic (mainly VoodooHDA) or no errors at all, and the sound just doesn't work. "no output devices found"

How can I create a custom driver? There's a tutorial here but steps 2 and 3 are really ambiguous, those files are nowhere to be found, if so, how can I create them?


Can someone create that kext file and upload(that would be to easy for me, therefore impossible)

I think that after I solve this I will try to make a very comprehensive tutorial for my mobo + nVidia GTS250 512DDR3 so that people won't have to go through the headaches that I did/do.

Does a dsdt.aml taken from ubuntu(on which everything works out of the box) work? Of course, first I will have to learn on how to decompile it, make modifications for mac to take and the recompile, hopwfully without errors.

I have tried other ways of that i can't think right now, been reading like mad the last two days.

Bottom line:

- How can I make my soundcard work? How do I build a custom kext or is there someting out there that supports my soundcard?

I have tried many ways, none work, I am certain I did something wrong somewhere, being really pissed off.

In what direction should I start fresh? DSDT patch, VoodooHDA, AppleHDA with custom hex for my sound card.

Hope for the best, THANKS, Arthur.