Hi, My name is Leo and im from Argentina. Soon i will buy a new PC and id like to know what kind of hardware is better for a Windows-Leopard PC on Windows ill do stuff like play games or view some movies i dont know... normal stuff. But on Leopard i want to try Logic Studio and other production and edition software for music creation.

Im about to buy this:
Screen: LCD Samsung 22" 225UN 1000:1 5ms 170 Black w/WebCam (Guess It Dosnt Matter)
Mobo: Socket 775 FSB1600 Asus P5K Dx DDR2/2xPCIe16/R.SATA2/1394/2Glan+WiFi
CPU: Socket 775 FSB1333 Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3,16 Ghz 6 Mb Box
HD: Serial ATA2 de 7200 RPM Western Digital Caviar RE2 500 Gb SATA300 16Mb NCQ or 2 250 GB HD
RAM: DDR2 1066 Mhz PC-8500 Kingston HyperX 2 Gb DChKit CL5
Video: PCI-Express 16x Asus EN9600GT TOP/HTDI/512M D3 HDMI/2DVI

This is very expensive in argentina... due to exchange.
If you can help me to get a better compatibility and low a bit the price, ill be very happy.