Hi ,

I've been lurking a bit for a while and have had a fairly good read around here, insanelymac and PCWIZ pages but I'm conscious Hackintoshing is at the limit of my computing ability.

I'm hoping to build a stable dual boot system

My current system (and the first I've built) is:

Asus P5Q-E
Q6600 G0 stepping @3.01GHz (Hey it was big step into overclocking for me)
Asus 9600GT
8GB Corsair XMS 2 DDR2 800MHz
150GB Velociraptor Sata drive for Vista 64
2x 500GB sata drives

I get the impression that the P5Q-E is a sub-optimal place to start Hackintoshing and have decided to swap it for a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R which seems to be more popular. I'd like some more experienced Hackintoshers thoughts about that please.

I'm not sure about the 9600GT though - will it work (I think it will)? Or do I need an 8800GT?

I am going to move Vista to its own 160GB sata drive (recovered from my MBP ironically) and hope to use Chameleon 2RC to establish a dual boot with a retail OS X on the Velociraptor drive.

Have I made any errors with this? I dont expect a painless ride but I'm hoping I can get a stable dual boot fully working system with a bit of work.

Many thanks