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Discuss hardware check please! at the Hardware -; Hi there, I have switched over to mac after getting a macbook and I'm not ...
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    Default hardware check please!

    Hi there, I have switched over to mac after getting a macbook and I'm not going back, so I looked upon my 2 year old gaming rig and decided I was going to sell it since I had no use for a windows machine, but then I saw that you can put mac on a PC! So...

    -Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ E6600 processor
    -2x 1GB 800mhz DDR2 Muskin RAM
    -Asus P5N32E SLI Plus motherboard
    -Nvidia 8800 GTS

    So will this hardware support OSX? Also, just practically, how much work is it really to install OSX on a non-mac computer? I know my way kind of okay around software stuff. Also, once installed is it just like a mac or is it less usable?

    Last question: How about overclocking the hardware (bumping E6600 to 3.5ish GHZ and possibly RAM and GPU), how possible is that while running OSX? My macbook is 2.4GHZ core 2 duo as well, so unless I can overclock the desktop I don't really see much reason in keeping it, minus the better graphics.

    Thanks in advance for the help guys!

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    Default hi

    Intel and Nvidia are good to go (i've never managed to get a ATI card working properly), they will work...should be ok..i say should because as ever this is a hack and there will always be a certain element of might work straight might take a week of fiddling..but im pretty sure it will work.

    Depending of corse on which install you use..

    Is it like a proper mac? Well i have to say pretty much yes..I have installed mac on a AMD and Intel and ive always gotten everything to work...sound fast..if your thinking does it work like a emulator..such as pearpc etc..sticky and slow etc.. then no..It has always for me worked as well as could be sold in stores it works so my opinion..

    As for the overclocking..i have no idea..running a osx on a pc is a hack and its trial and error..i doubt it'l work never know...but osx will work just fine on your system without it..if you get this far into the install process its a small-fry problem.
    **Remember** Buy a legit copy of macos regardless -- support Apple and its developers!**

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    Looks great, theres even guides about to install Leopard on that mobo, so you wont much problems

    If you want to get great performance I recommend you to use Retail with 132 Boot Loader, if you know how to overclock your system do it

    Good Luck
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