Hello, I will be picking out a new laptop for college as a grad present, and won't be getting a Mac because of its price/I don't really like supporting Apple. I will be needing OSX though for Final Cut Pro as I will be majoring in Video Production.

So my question is what should I get that would be good for Hackintoshing?
I've been looking at the HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition, but I heard it isn't great for hackintosh, and I heard the Probook is, but it isn't as current and dosen't have ivy bridge. Anyways, here are my qualifications for a computer.

-Must be under $1,000
-Easy enough for me to hackintosh
-Core i5 or i7 processor (ivy bridge preferred, sandy accepted)
-16gb ram max
-Non crappy graphics card (pref amd or nvidia 1gb vram)
->15 in screen
-Must qualify for free Xbox 360 deal

Thanks in advance