Hi peeps. Ive nearly got a fully operational leopard install but there are a few issues.

Firstly the internet. (specs in sig) Ive tried the drivers that was on the DVD (Leo4All) and that didnt work. I then tried various kexts over the internet, that didnt work. Only way I can post this is by using my D-Link wireless usb dongle.

Secondly is the graphics. Currently I opted out of installing the included ATI 1900 drivers, just to see what would happen. The previous problem I have was 2 fold. I couldnt select a resolution of 1400x900 but mainly all popups and dialog boxes were black.
Since not opting to install it, the blackness has gone. However I still am running at a low resolution.

If anyone can give me some pointers to the above, that would be AMAZING!