Long time PC user that dabbled on the darkside (Mac) I started off with a small VMWare OSX load and enjoyed it to the point I considered buying an imac... After much deliberation, I decided to save a little money by building a hackintosh. Before doing so, I had a couple quick questions for the hackintosh gurus..

1. Theoretically speaking, is there any difference performance wise if building a hackintosh with similar specs to a retail imac ? (i.e C2D 2.93, 640GB, etc..)

2. Are there any limitations on processors selected/used (i.e. if I go C2D or Quad... will OSX utilize 2/4 cores to its fullest potential?)

3. I want to get as close as possible to a retail imac in terms of specs/performance what type of build would you suggest?

(I've read the Hardware Suggestion thread however im not sure if those are recommendations based on HCL only or based on retail imacs)

Sorry if these questions have been asked and answered, i had a hard time searching and filtering through the other pages...