Im having an old g4 cube laying around that doesnt work anymore.. I really want to give it new life.. I want to use it as THE perfect mediacenter.. So it has to play 1080p mkv files..

The problem is that i dont know what motherboard to pick for a hackintosh.. Because to Cube has very limited space inside, it only fits a m-itx.. Only the ion-models will play 1080p, right? I dont need power, i only need fluent playback.. So an Atom will do just right..

Here is some other stuff that will join the army:

WD 2TB drive
4 GB of ram
Original G4 Cube superdrive
PicoPSU 120W powersupply

Im a complete n00b in Hackintosh world, means i have no idea where to start.. Any help is welcome.. Thank you!