Hey guys, sorry if I put this in the wrong thread index; this seemed like the best option.

Anyway, I am an engineering student with a Fujitsu Lifebook T900 tablet laptop hybrid. The full spec sheet can be found here: http://solutions.us.fujitsu.com/pdf/...-datasheet.pdf
My specs are: Intel i7-620 2.66gHz, with integrated graphics :/, 4gb of RAM, Windows 7 64bit, etc. It also has the Wacom Penabled Dual Digitizer tablet functions.

I want to hackintosh it over the summer, but is this a viable alternative to Windows 7. Obviously OSX is preferable (I have an iMac desktop that I use over the laptop as much as I can), but if I wanted to maintain tablet functionality for things like notetaking and art apps like ArtRage and Adobe CS, would I be better off sticking with Windows?. Iv been working on thumb-driving a distro of Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Ill see how that goes, but I'm much more comfortable with mac.

Any ideas?