Hello again,
My name is JGAN. For a school paper, I would like to research patching, modding, cracking, etc. Specifically, I would like to look into jailbreaking, modchips, projects like OSx86, and all things similar. Although I have jailbroken my share on iPods and tried OSx86 before, I would like to get opinions and information from developers and users alike. The following questions are open to everybody, but please post a reply with all of them answered

Who is the OSx86 community? What is the reason behind it?

What sort of skills does it take to create a patch for new versions of Mac and software updates? How long?

What is your main reason for developing for OSx86? You run only off of donations, and this is seemingly entirely community-based.

Do you think that Apple is against the OSx86 project? Or do they support it? (Donít steal mac.kext)

Have you ever been concerned about the legal trouble you could be in? Are you concerned? Is there anything at all you are worried about in participating in OSx86?

What are the most common problems you encounter?

Thanks everyone for participating,