alright my computer; sony vaio fw290
video card; radeon 3650HD (which i got iatkos v7 to recognize; it recognizes the general information and works, it just doesnt recognize the specific card)

the problems im running into now are;
connecting to the internet
(my card: intel wifi link 5100 agn)
next is my sound
(dolby sound room audio)
another problem is my memory, i have 4gb but it only recognizes 2
(ddr2 sdram 2gb+2gb)

one final thing is that the only resolution i can set is 1024x768.. i want to set it to 1600x900 but when i edit the it will only allow me to set 1152x864

i know the internet says that intel wifi 5100 wont work, but a while back i attempted to set this up and was able to get it working, i just cant remember how i did it.. hoping that you guy might know cause all the old posts were made over a year ago and died about a year ago.