I have an old iMac, and the DVD drive is partly broken and the screen is starting to get flickering lines.
Largely in frustration at my inability to replace these individual parts rather than having to shell out on a new system, I'm thinking of building a hackintosh or buying a premade, expandable PC with hardware that's been found compatible with the latest hackintosh version of OS X.

To research whether this is a good idea, I've been looking through old StackExchange answers to people asking about hackintoshes. The consensus seems to against using them, and the main reason given for this is that they're unreliable. But I'm surprised by this, as it doesn't fit what I've heard elsewhere, for example at Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done . No one on StackExchange seems to give any evidence for their (un)reliability, so I'd love to hear if anyone has any, or other good reasons for or against making a hackintosh your main computer.