i finally got rid of 5770
now i have money to buy everything new
i want to know the list of hardware that will be compatible with hackintosh
i want to install lepord with to much teche stuff because i don't know a lot
so the hardware combo that is going to be easiest to be able to install lepord o
if you can please try for a microatx motherboard because i am trying to make it portable if you cant find a micro atx then thats fine
ALSO try to use a core 2 duo or quad processor if you cant then thats fine
if you can try to use a ati graphics card but if you cant then thats fine
also a good wireless n card
like i said before i want to be able to install it without mesing around too much and please give me a link to a guide

can you use a second hdd to install lepord on it on the same pc with win7